Introducing Ishmael Tureaud our new HD Youth Center Director – HD Youth Center

Letter from the Director

I am a graduate of Cedar Rapids Washington High School and studied business management and human Services at Kirkwood community college.

I was born in Chicago IL and moved to Cedar Rapids in July of 2005 as a sophomore in high school. My previous school was a naval academy and I enjoyed the discipline and life lesson that I learned there. However, my mother saw that I was becoming an at risk youth as gang and drug activity began to pick up in the area that we took residence. Moving for me was a difficult and confusing time to lose many friends and to be over 260 miles away from a place that you once called home. I made my older sister aware that I did not have many friends and this is when I was introduced to the first H.D. Youth Center located in Czech village area.

I can see that today Mr. Henry’s dream is still alive more than ever. The need for a safe place for at risk youth to play, eat, and learn those life skills is still a high priority just as when the center was started. I hope that I can be as successful as Mr. Henry has been in making a difference in a child’s life because I am an example that it can be done. Showing that we do not have to be a product of our environment is paramount. I am forever grateful for being able to give back and show that there is a better way.

February 27, 2016Ishmael - Director - Photo

Sincerely, Ishmael N. Tureaud

I am very familiar with children as I have served as an on-site supervisor for over 2 years at Cleveland Elementary’s after school program. I have also worked with the Cedar Rapids School district for almost as long, currently finding a home at McKinley Middle School in the behavior department. I love education and I feel it is important to show this to children and encourage them to further their education whenever there is a free moment possible.

Hello family, friends and affiliates of the Henry Davison Youth Center. My name is Ishmael N. Tureaud and I am pleased that I was accepted to serve as the new director at the H.D. Youth Center. This is my first year in a position of this caliber but I am eager to see what opportunities and ideas that we can bring forth for our children.

P.S. “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle Is the Hand That Rules the World” by William Ross Wallace

The things that I liked about coming to the Center were the facts that, all the children knew Mr. Henry and were respectful to him; that Mr. Henry would always tell children if they were hungry that, this was “our” place and to eat whatever we liked; and lastly, was the knowledge that Mr. Davison would impart stories and personal accounts to the children. As I grew older I wondered what had happened to the center and if Mr. Henry was still making a difference. When the opportunity presented itself, I was excited

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to be able to volunteer. Now, I am enthused to be a part of a center that helped me.