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About us

Monet Art&Frame

Frame and art shop Monet Art & Frame Sai 2 sells paintings and works of art of all kinds, styles and ready to design frames to Together with decorating your home Including Build-In style picture frame to decorate your house, condominium or office. By expert design team By controlling the production and quality standards by the Monet frame shop with expertise And work experience for more than 10 years

Our Service

We accept interior design, residential building, office building, providing all types of pictures / artwork. Design designs that are unlike anywhere else Feng Shui decorative pictures solve the feng shui trick with pictures of all sizes and types such as

● Oil painting like Flower pictures, landscape pictures, mountain pictures, waterfalls Trees, Abstrak images, animal pictures (lions, tigers, horses, fish, swans, chickens) Reproductions in sets or sets of 3, 4, 6 cards.
● Watercolor painting is comfortable on the eyes.
● All royal family pictures From the past to the present
● Famous monk image From the past to the present
● Photos from painting works Quality shot Sharp, beautiful color like the original
● The design work that is only us, including lifting the light box, decorated to fit within the picture frame
● Mirror 3 mm., 5 mm. Grinding pri, table mirror, octagonal mirror.
● Accept all kinds of picture frames For work you love We will arrange a beautiful picture frame. Both decorate their own home Or as a gift for important people on important days

We are happy to give advice
and make an appointment to see the actual location.
Ready to design a picture frame free of charge

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